1. Testimonials
  2. Melad helped me setup my web hosting, designed website for a new domain name and provided prompt tech support in Ottawa. I would recommend him to anyone who needs computer help. Joe Marano, Owner, Rent in Ottawa
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  4. I had Melad come to my home on very short notice to setup a network printer and resolve some major network issues. He was very knowledgeable and experienced. He was very friendly and I would recommend him any time for this type of work. Price and fees were very reasonable and affordable. Everything is working fast and perfectly. P. Preston , Canadian Food Inspection Agency
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  6. When I had a virus on my computer I wanted to reinstall my OS with windows vista but it wouldn't install every time I tried to do it. I called Melad to come fix my problem and he took care of it easily. Melad installed new windows vista and now my computer is functioning properly. I recommend for you to go ask Melad to help fix your computer because he is quick in taking care of your computer problems. M. Ahmed , Student at University of Ottawa

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