1. 5 effective tips for Ottawa startup businesses on how to support clients and still generate income during COVID-19
    By LaptopServices.ca, updated April 19, 2020
  2. LaptopServices.ca develops this guidance to share 5 key tips on how to do well during COVID-19, while also helping clients who rely on your business.
  1. Remember your vision and mission
  2. Price for product and service
  3. Follow advice from health experts
  4. Do good for the country
  5. Research what other businesses are doing
  1. 1. Always remember the vision and mission that you've written for your start-up business in the beginning. This maybe about price, community contribution or product/service that your business offers.
  2. 2. Think about your price for product or service i.e. rate per hour for service. Maybe you need to reconsider offering a discount to continue to operate during these tough times.
  3. 3. Always follow advice from experts such as health experts and service operation advice. As you may know, due to COVID-19, business operations of face to face for certain businesses is prohibited during this time. For e.g. if you are a tech business, maybe you should start providing your services via remotely or by phone.
  4. 4. Do good for your country as the Prime Minister reiterated earlier. This is not a time to fully depend on government because this is a time to help each other. Many people do not have an income thus lowering and or offering discounts on your products or services benefits not just the people who need your expertise but also your start-up business.
  5. 5. Follow what other businesses are doing or you can come up with unique ways to unleash what your business can deliver in terms of new solutions or using available technologies.
  1. We hope that the above 5 helpful tips for startups has benefited you and take this time to rethink about your vision / mission, product / service pricing and the desperate need for your solutions in Ottawa, Canada.

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